10 Minute Workout For Women to Lose Belly Fat

Many women want to lose belly fat but just do not have the time to workout, so here is how you can do a 10 minute workout and lose the unsightly fat with just two to three workouts per week. With just ten minutes per day 3 days a week you will body will be forced to burn calories all day long even after leaving the gym or track field.

The 10 Minute Workout Routine

The key to losing belly fat in just ten minutes is doing turbulence training. Turbulence training is a form of high intensity interval training that allows your body to increase the amounts of calories it burns just from a short period of intense exercise. Interval training will cause you to burn up to 20 times the amount of calories that you would have burned doing normal steady state cardio. The best benefit of interviews is that you will get a lot of results in a short period of time. Not only does this routine help to melt fat away but also increase muscle and muscle tone.

Lose Belly Fat with This Workout

1 set of Bodyweight Squats (25x)
1 set of pushups (10X)
1 set of Lunges (25x per leg)
1 set of Burpees (25x)
1 set of Mountain Climbers (20x per side)
1 minute of Planks for abs

Stationary Bike or Treadmill Intervals

After doing the exercises listed above as a warm up you will then proceed to doing intervals either on the treadmill or stationary bike. Do 5-8 intervals of 30-45 seconds of high intense work followed by 1 minute of rest. So your interval sessions should look something like this:

30 seconds of intestinal workout on a level of 8 out of 10
60 seconds of rest at a level of 2 out of 10
30 seconds of intestinal workout on a level of 8 out of 10

This should be done until you have done 3 to 4 rounds of intension interviews followed with a cool-down.

Benefits of Doing Interval Training

Not only will you see results faster than ever before but you will be able to burn calories and fat while working out less. Your entire body will have a decrease in fat causing you to lose weight and fat in your belly. On top of this you will perform better in other activities and have more energy. So for women with less time you can actually get a better body and get into better shape.

Source by Thomas S Moore