10 Simple Secrets For Burning Fat & Losing Weight

There are lots of different ways to lose weight and burn fat, this article will show you 10 tried and tested methods to help you lose weight.

1 – Drink lots of water. Your body and brain need plenty of water to function at maximum efficiency, to flush out nasty toxins, and it also will help you feel fitter and more unhealthy.

2 – Everyday, have a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. It'll help get some needed fluids straight into your body, and as a result, you'll drink less fruit juice or whatever juice you have with your breakfast. It also helps stimulate your stomach to release digestive acids ready for your morning meal.

3 – Before you have any meal, drink a glass of water, it'll help fill you up a little bit, so you feel like you've eaten more than you have. So hopefully you'll eat less.

4 – Drink through your meal, but do not swig it back all at once. Just take regular sips as your eat. It'll help your stomach settle quicker and will also make you feel more full.

5 – Avoid all sugared or sweetened colas or sodas. They are full of sugar and calories which will help you pile on the pounds sooner than you'd ever imagine. Just a couple of bottles or cans a day will add up to many pounds over a year. Get them out of your diet immediately and drink water instead, you'll be surprised how quickly you feel your energy levels normalize.

6 – Eat much more fresh fruit and vegetables, such as watermelons, cucumber, apples and tomatoes. They all contain high levels of water, and will help fill you up between meals. They are also stuffed full of vitamins and minerals which your body needs to operate at its best.

7 – Try to avoid drinking too much fruit juice, instead eat the fruit. Often fruit juices are individually sweetened and even when they are not, they still contain high levels of natural sugars, which will be converted to fat if not used. By eating the fruit, you consume less sugars, as they're not as concentrated and you also benefit from the fiber which is needed to help promote healthy digestion.

8. Eat plenty of vegetables. Vegetables are the foods your body is designed to eat. There's hundreds of different types to choose from and with the right recipes you can make some delicious, healthy meals. If you have the option of salad or fries, always pick the salad, your body will thank you.

9 – Avoid all processed food. They are usually full of nasty ingredients, full of salt and fat. If you have to eat tinned foods, such as canned fruit, try to get the ones that come in the fruits' natural juices, not the syrups which are stuffed full of sugar.

10 – Eat more high fiber foods. You need a high fiber diet to keep your 'system' regular, which helps ensure a healthy digestive system. Brans, whole grain bread, and vegetables are all excellent sources.

It's not rocket science, this article has touched on a few key diet factors which will help you lose weight and burn fat. When combined with a good exercise program you can not go wrong, and you'll hit your fat burning goals sooner than you'd imagine.

Source by Ian Jones