2 Great Home Remedies for Weight Loss

When traveling around the world it is extremely difficult not to see how many people particularly in 3rd world countries still make use of home remedies to lose weight. Always make an effort to do your homework and find out as much as possible about a home remedy before you use it because there are a few of them that are just a waste of time and cash. Another crucial tip to remember before using a home remedy is to only use a remedy that requires everyday home vegetables or spices. Most home remedies are natural or organic so they do not have any side-effects however you should always remember to be careful for any changes in your body because some of them do cause mild side effects. Today we are going to look at some of the most common home remedies to lose weight that are easiest to make and do not cost a lot of money to make.

Ginger Tea – It is a common fact that ginger boosts your metabolism, lowers your cholesterol, and it helps to heal wounds. The 1st step in making this remedy is to slice a ginger root into little pieces. The second step is to add the shredded ginger to boiling water and let it boil for another 15 minutes. Then in the end you will allow it cool down and drink one cup. Ginger tea does not have a bitter taste but you must drink it as it is and you should not add any sweetener like honey or sugar because it will take away its effectiveness. Try to drink at least 1 cup before all your meals. Several people have claimed to lose 10 pounds after simply drinking this remedy for 2 weeks.

Honey and Cinnamon – is a home remedy that is not exclusively great for weight loss it is also used to boost your immune system, cure cancer, influence, stomach aches, and it helps to get rid of pimples. To prepare you have to add one teaspoon cinnamon powder to a cup of water and boil for 30 minutes. The final step is to add a teaspoon honey but you should first let it cool down. Then you should drink one half of that cup before bedtime and drink the other half when you wake up in the morning. It is best to use cinnamon powder and not the cinnamon sticks because it works best.

Source by L Ismail