5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be easy, though not entirely effortless. Family members could form weight loss goals together which could motivate each person to lose weight. Weight loss can seem to be tough if you make it an individual activity but if you involve your family or friends in it, weight loss can turn out to be more successful for you.

Involving your loved ones in your weight loss period is just one way way to go about it. Here are 5 more easy ways to carry out a weight loss routine.

1. Cut out juice and soda from your diet

Wash down your meal with water, not sugary drinks. You could have a glass of orange juice at breakfast but throughout the day, water should be your primary drink.

It is estimated that an average American consumes an extra 245 calories each day from soft drinks. This makes it nearly 90,000 calories or 25 pounds a year.

Not only are these drinks sugary, they also fail to satiate your hunger the way food does. The calorie consumption from them does you no good.

2. Keep a record of every morsel you have

Keep a palm-sized notepad with you to record everything you eat during the day. Many cell phone apps, nowdays, allow you to keep a digital record of your daily food intake. Studies have found that those who keep a culinary log tend to eat 15% less than those who do not.

3. Switch to ordinary coffee

Morning coffee is not only effective in waking you up; it is also very good at wrecking you diet. Indulgent coffee drinks from coffee joints have hundreds of extra calories because of whole milk, whipped cream, sugary syrups and sugar.

An ordinary cup of coffee with skim milk may not taste as great, sans the loads of calories, but at least you know your morning cup of java is not contributing to your weight gain.

4. Take a walk before dinner

This could not be any easier! Walking will you burn calories. In addition, it will cut your appetite. A study of 10 obese women, conducted at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, found that 20 minutes of walking reduced appetite and increased the sense of fullness equivalent to a light meal.

5. Get weight loss supplements

In consultation with your dietician, you could come up with some weight loss supplements that you could take to aid in weight loss. ECA stack is popular these days. ECA stack or any other slimming pills can be taken to supplement your exercise and diet regime, not replace it.

Source by Jennifer Madeleine