HIIT Fitness is a family run business which evolved from many years of e-commerce and optimisation ventures.

We formed HIIT Fitness after years of trying to lose weight, eating sensibly and generally taking care of ourselves but never getting it quite right long enough to make it stick. In early 2016 having just lost 3 stone, I became very ill, requiring a 6-hour operation to remove my gallbladder. It has been said that cutting down and eating sensibly after years of doing the opposite may have contributed to putting my body in shock, resulting in the emergency surgery. I can tell you, suffering the way I did is no fun but thankfully the decomposed item was removed and two years on I’m still around.
The issue is that now I no longer have the gallbladder, it seems there are problems with processing certain foods – no kidding Sherlock!
Fatty foods which caused me a great deal of discomfort are now no longer the issue, or are they? As I can not deal with fatty foods, it seems any fat I consume tends to stick around for longer – long enough to see me find those lost 3 stone!
Something had to change and so HIIT Fitness was born. Focussing on high-quality products and only selling items which rate highly by those leaving reviews, we aim to appeal to anyone looking for quality fitness gear at an affordable price.
I’m starting a new journey and with our products, so can you.
Enjoy our site and get in touch if you have any questions.




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