Best Cardio Exercise to Help Lose Fat Quickly

Cardio is the best type of exercise to strip the fat off your body. However it typically takes a long time to get to your goals through regular cardio. In this article I am going to show you the best type of cardio that you can do to lose fat quickly and give you an example of it.

The best exercise to lose fat is quickly HIIT. This stands for high intensity interval training. It is essentially working out in short intervals for a short period of time. It is different to regular cardio as HIIT takes a lot less time to be beneficial. A typical HIIT session is 15-25 minutes and is done every other day. The intervals in HIIT last for 30-45 seconds. This is a huge difference from the 50 minute cardio you do every day.

Another benefit of HIIT is that you will continue to burn calories hours after you do the workout. This is really good because for 15-25 minutes work you will continue to burn calories for a longer time. So in essence you get more than you put in.

HIIT also allows you to burn belly fat at a faster rate than regular cardio. Below is the exact HIIT session that my client do every other day. It enables them to lose 1-2% of bodyfat a week. If you are more overweight than you think you should be you will lose higher percentage of body fat. This session is extremely difficult so you should lower the intensity so you can handle it and work your way up.

The HIIT session is:

Walk for 3 minutes at a low speed.

Jog for 1 minute at 5 mph

Sprint for 45 seconds at 9 mph

Jog for 1 minute at 5 mph

Sprint for 45 seconds at 9 mph

Jog for 1.30 minutes at 4 mph

Sprint for 45 seconds at 8 mph

Jog for 1.30 seconds at 4 mph

Sprint for 45 seconds at 8 mph

Cool down for 5 minutes.

As you can see the session lasts for just 15 minutes and gives you great results. So if you are in a rut and want to lose the belly fat then do this session. Adjust the speed to what you feel can handle but do not make it too easy on yourself.

If your HIIT session gets too easy for you then you can either put the speed up but for optimal results play around with incline.

Once you get into the swing of things you will realize you have started to lose a lot of fat.

Source by Stephen O Johnson