Best Cardio For Weight Loss – HIIT


So many people experience obesity. Obesity is experienced in every part of the world. It happens to both men and women, it is not a phenomenon that depends on age. In fact, in the world today, kids now experience excessive body weight. HIIT simply means High Intensity Interval Training.

This form of exercise can be used in combination with cardiovascular exercises. One of the methods of cardio methods is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Cardiovascular exercises help to raise your heart, and these have been proven to be the best kind of exercise for losing pounds. Most of these workouts do not require going to the gym, they are things you can do around you on a daily basis. Trying to lose pounds places you in a position of losing more calories than your daily intake.

HIIT Cardio

This form of exercise requires you to perform a highly rigorous exercise, within a very short time leading to an outburst; and immediately follow it up with a lighter exercise. For instance, you can decide to dash out a mile or two within few seconds followed by jogging and then walking. This is then performed continually in the sequential order. HIIT is very tasking; it allows you to use up a lot of energy and burn calories in a short time. HIIT can be incorporated into various forms of exercise. The time when you perform a lighter mode of exercise is known as recovery period. HIIT helps to release fatty acid to the blood stream. One of the demerits of HIIT is that it cannot be done on a daily basis; it is advised to take a lighter exercise the following day of performing HIIT. You can vary the duration of performing HIIT. Try to have a 1:1 ratio between your sprint time (time to perform rigorous exercise) and the recovery time, e.g. 30 seconds each. Although, having a longer recovery time helps you gain more energy for the next sprint, this also helps to avoid over working your body.

Combining HIIT with regular exercises helps you to burn out more calories within a short time, effectively. The best cardio for weight loss involves this incorporation of HIIT with your daily workouts. Study yourself very well; draw out a working plan and a good eating plan. Discover the type, of exercise that suits you best and is easy for you to carry out alongside with other things you might be doing daily, such as work and other curricula activities. You don’t have to do the same type of exercise that your friend does, you can simply discover the one that best fits you and gives you result. Always keep fit and healthy.

Source by Bruce James Sloan