Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast – Could it Be HIIT?

Now we already know that the real key to losing weight quickly and permanently is to go on a quick flab shift diet and then switch to a longer term adaptable diet. But what about exercise? What advantages can it give us and what is the single best exercise to lose weight fast?

A lot of people say to those who are overweight – "do some exercise". But the reality is that exercise is not the key. It's what you eat that is the key.

However, exercise can help you lose the weight quicker so long as you remember to diet too. So what is the best exercise if you want to shift those pounds quickly? Is it running? Rowing? Team sports?

Keep The Body Thinking

Those steady state exercises like jogging are not good for losing weight. Because your body has the time to react to your increased speed and then give you the most efficient metabolism ie less calories burned.

Instead, you want to keep the body thinking all the time.


The best exercise is high intensity interval training. Basically you run for 30 seconds really fast and then jog for 30 seconds. Then run again and jog again. And when I say "run" I really mean to sprint to as fast as you possibly can!

Just 10 minutes of this every day will lose you more weight than 30 minutes of steady state jogging. HIIT wins hands down! Try it and see for yourself, I know people who have lost 20 lbs in less than 2 weeks using this method.

Source by Christine Blackley