Best Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

You can not lose weight quickly on exercise alone. Sure that is definitely part of it, but you also need to commit yourself to a few other things. Diet is probably even more important that exercise for most people, and to exercises to lose weight quickly are most effective when used in combination with a balanced food intake. This article gives you some diet and exercise routines that will get you off to a good start.

The science behind losing weight is pretty simple to explain. Basically, if you eat fewer calories each day than what you burn, you'll shed fat fast. The best exercises to burn calories are things like:

– Jogging
– Power walking
– Swimming
– Skipping
– Any other exercise that gets your heart pumping fast

Doing aerobic exercises like these will improve the oxygen flow through your body, and ensure efficient calorie use. Lifting weights and other general strength training routines are usually better for building muscle rather than shedding fat.

As for your diet, you need to cut down as much as possible on things like pasta and sugars, as these contain a lot of calories. To lose weight fast, you want to aim for less than 1400 calories per day. You can go as low as 800 before things start to become unhealthy. Make your diet up of things like:

– Vegetables
– Some fruits (not too much, as fruit contains sugar)
– Light diary products (yoghurt is excellent as it helps you digest foods)

You should aim to eat 3 or 4 solid meals everyday. Avoid snacking as much as possible because the calories add up fast.

If you're serious about losing weight, make the decision now to stick to a consistent exercise and diet routine. It only takes a month to see big differences.

Source by Dai Lackby