Best Treadmill for Home – How Much Will It Cost

How much will the best treadmill for home use cost?

best treadmill for home Professional Treadmill | HIIT Fitness

Gym treadmills, often used for HIIT Fitness routines and considered as a professional treadmill, are different from home treadmills(perhaps even a cheap treadmill) and as such you should expect to pay upwards of £1000 to get close to the quality and standard you would find in a gym

Home Treadmills for sale range from under £200 to £750 but can often exceed £1000 depending on the features you require. If you require the best treadmill for home then don’t settle for anything less than your minimum requirements.

Cheap Treadmill vs Professional Treadmill

Workouts which mainly feature walking, may not require all the features of a professional treadmill aimed at running or HIIT Fitness. The decision on what to spend may depend on what you need the main Treadmill function to be. A HIIT Fitness capable treadmill will need to stand up to HIIT Workouts in order to allow you to achieve your HIIT Fitness goal.

As a rule of thumb, any cheap treadmill, say under £200, will struggle to provide the more serious user with the features, setup, and functionality they require. A useful and increasingly popular feature is to have Bluetooth or the capability to play music while you workout, it's an inspiring thing. The cheap treadmill option may not be the best treadmill for home use. There is also the build quality to consider, a cheap treadmill may not feel as solid as more professional treadmills and as such may be restricted to a lighter user weight.

cheap treadmill | HIIT Fitness

What about a cheap treadmill

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sub £200 treadmill, you get what you pay for and if your requirement is gentle walking, soft running to ease gently back into exercise after an operation, or as part of rehabilitation then a simple no fuss option is a great way to start. The limited features of a cheap treadmill may mean that even someone new to indoor walking or running will soon run out of options and run the risk of losing interest. Remember, cheap does not always mean poor quality.

More on the Professional Treadmill

The features of a professional treadmill can make all the difference in terms of functionality, usability, strength, build quality and reliability. Generally and as well as advanced features, the professional treadmill often has a more rigid construction and is better suited to HIIT Fitness workouts as well as extended usage. It makes sense to aspire to a professional treadmill, especially if you plan on building up your routines and driving yourself hard. You will require a good solid base and construction, as well as all the must-have features to help you sustain your activity. Bluetooth connectivity, a Display screen to show effort, calorie burn, distance and other statistics which all go to help you understand the progress you are making.

Professional Treadmill | HIIT Fitness

The Best Treadmill for home: Conclusion

Define what you need from a treadmill, what is your starting workout going to require. Take a look at how you would like your workout to progress. What is next for your workout and consider equipment which provides the treadmill features you really require. When HIIT Fitness is part of your training regime you should also consider the top end professional treadmill, these can offer more of a goal, better recording of progress and something to aim for and their feature-rich functionality might just keep you focused on your treadmill exercise for longer.