Best Workout To Burn Fat With High Intensity Intervals

Get Your Heart Pumping With This Fat Burning Workout

If you want to see fast results, the best fat burning program you can do is high intensity interval training. This involves half the time of regular cardio fitness but twice the effort! It is short bursts of high intensity cardio fitness with intervals of strengthening workouts The best thing about interval training is that that it is a full body workout which will give you maximum fat burning effect.

This simple workout will convert your body from fat to skinny in no time! Be warned this is not for the fault hearted – it is hard work.

Each workout goes for 2 mins with intervals of 1 min.

Repeat set 3 times

Put some music on and amp yourself up. Remember if you are not going to put in 100% you may as well not bother with the workout. Put on a jumper and some loose pants if you have trouble working up a sweat – the more you sweat the better the workout!

What you need: Skipping Rope, a Step (to do step ups)

WARM UP – get the blood pumping with a light 3-5 min jog or skipping.

STRETCH – stretch the legs, arms, abs and back

1. Fast skipping for 2 mins no break

– Straight into sit ups for 30 seconds. Have 30sec break here Repeat set x3

Have 1 min break to catch your breath

2. Step ups for 2 mins – no break

– Straight into sit ups for 30 seconds. Have 30 secs break here

Repeat x 3

Have 1 min break

3. Air Punchs (or boxing bag if you have) 2mins no break – Straight into sit-ups for 30 seconds Have 30 secs break here

Repeat set x 3

Take 2 min break – remember to breathe and drink water

4. This is where it gets hard –

Start at doing 10x push ups 10x jumping jacks 10x squats

Then do 9x push ups 9x jumping jacks 9x squats

8x push ups 8x jumping jacks 8x squats

… and so on

Continue this sequence counting down until you get down to zero.

Once complete, do some more stretches and you should be pretty tired!

This is an example of an intension cardio interval training will look like.

Source by Michelle Johns