Burn More Calories – Incorporate High Intensity Sprints

Jogging is a great cardiovascular exercise that burns calories. But if you incorporate some high intensity sprint, during your jog, you can even burn more calories than jogging alone. However, there are some risks of getting injured when doing this.

So it's best if you know how to execute it properly so that you can reap the reward and keep injury at bay.

Why Does This Burn More Calories

This is because doing short burst of high intensity sprint causes, your heart rate to increase as it provides your body with the oxygen it needs to sustain during the sprint. This also requires energy and hence your calories are burn quickly as you need more energy for the entire workout.

But this requires you to have …

Basic Level of Fitness

First of all, before you even think of doing any high intensity training such as this, you need to have a basic level of fitness.

Such as, being able to jog or run for at least 6 – 8 minutes at a time and you have been exercising for 2 to 3 times a week.

Because this workout requires your heart and muscles to cope with the rigorous training, so that the chances of getting injured such as developing shin splint, missing hamstring, exhaustion, etc is kept to a minimal.

How to Execute

Differs from the traditional interval training, all you need to do is midway during your jog, slot in your sprint for about 10 – 30 seconds or sprinting to a specific landmark or a point (such as a stationary object). Once you're done, continue with your jog.

Repeat this for 5 – 8 times during the course of your jogging session. Just remember to slot the "sprint" along the way as you jog.

Keeping Injury at Bay

High intensity training has a high risk of getting injured, so you need to take some precaution when training. Here are some safety pointers to take note of.


  • Doing warm up, and get your heart rate up gradually
  • Stretch your muscles, especially your lower body parts. (Hamstrings, Quads, Calves, etc)
  • Wearing proper footwear
  • Do your sprinting on an even surface
  • Do NOT over-trained yourself
  • Get your body properly cool down after your training
  • Stretch your tired muscles after your workout
  • Hydrate yourself well

Bottom Line

By incorporating in some high intensity sprint during your jog can let you burn more calories than normal jogging alone. As you need more energy to sustain during your workout, therefore your body will burn your calories to give you that energy.

But you do need some basic level of fitness, prior to this high intensity training. This is because your body, especially your heart and muscles need to cope with the rigorous training.

Note: Consult your doctor or physician before trying any fitness program or exercise. This is just for informational purposes only and does not provide individual advice.

Source by Aariz Sallehin