Burn the Fat Workouts – The Top 4 High Intensity Cardio Workouts

 If your cardio routine consists of doing the same long, slow, boring workout day after day, don’t expect results. You need to change your approach by using high intensity cardio workouts. You will workout with more intensity, and do shorter, less-frequent workouts. 

 When you engage in exercise, whether it is resistance training or high intensity cardio, your body adapts to the physical requirements being placed upon it. Your body’s adaptive response, increased muscle as a response to weight training for example, is a positive response leading to increased fat burning. However, your body rapidly adapts to training. So the positive gains you see initially from an exercise routine will soon diminish as your body adjusts to the demands being placed upon it.  

Your body is very efficient, so if you perform the same exercise week in and week out, your body will only adapt to the level that it needs to in order to perform those exercises. So in order to make continual progress in fat loss and muscle gain, you must change your exercise variables.  

High intensity cardio is an exercise regimen that alternates short bursts of an activity with recovery periods. The activity you choose for high intensity cardio can be using a Stairmaster, rower, cross trainer, elliptical or even by swimming. My top 4 choices for seeing results are:

  1. Sprinting outdoors

  2. Stationary cycling (upright)

  3. Running on a treadmill

  4. Bodyweight intervals

Using any of these methods will help you lose stomach and body fat. Choose an activity that appeals to you. Remember to gradually increase your intensity as your body adapts to the stress you are putting it through. By changing your workout variables you will see faster and more long lasting results.

Source by Marco Stassi