Buying a Used Elliptical Trainer Can Be a Good Deal

Buying a used elliptical trainer can be a good decision if you do your homework. There are two ways to purchase a used elliptical machine. The first is to purchase it from a dealer, fitness center or fitness equipment service company. This is probably the best way to ensure that you will get a machine that is in good working order. Many times gyms and fitness centers will change equipment brands or they will upgrade their equipment. The dealer will then have the used elliptical machines to sell at a fairly good discount. Elliptical trainers that come from a fitness center usually are maintained by professional technicians and as such will generally be in better condition then those purchased from an individual.

Top of the line elliptical trainers should be considered first when looking at used equipment. You will need to look at the new out of the box pricing of the unit you are considering to make a good used pricing judgment. Only consider elliptical trainers that have a new initial cost of at least $1200.00 to be assured of good quality. You should also look carefully at the elliptical trainer information that is found on the Internet to ascertain each models durability and track record. If possible determine what fitness center the used equipment came from. Then contact the previous owners to determine what possible problems they were having with the used elliptical trainers. Finding the strengths and weaknesses of each model you are considering will help you negotiate on price and more importantly on a warranty.

Used elliptical trainers normally do not qualify for any factory warranty. However in some cases the factory or extended warranty may still apply to the elliptical machine you are considering. In addition the dealer may also have the ability to give you warranty protection through his business. These shop warranties are usually good only for a short period like 90 days and all work will be preformed in their shop facilities. You may have to pay a little more for the coverage. Most likely you will have to be persistent to get the dealer to provide a warranty. We always have a standard recommendation that you always purchase a warranty when purchasing any piece of fitness equipment.

A second option to acquiring a used elliptical trainer is to purchase it from any individual. This is the most risky way of getting an elliptical machine. You only have the word of the owner as to its condition and any possible problems that may plague the elliptical trainer. You also will not be able to receive and warranty coverage. It is basically cavet emptor, let the buyer beware. In this case you can mitigate some of the risk by giving the machine a good try out prior to purchase. This of course should be done on any piece of fitness equipment used or new. You will most likely be able to purchase a used elliptical trainer from a private owner at a much lower price then you would get from a dealer or fitness center.

Source by Jim Kesel