Caffeine Benefits To Your Health

When one thinks of caffeine, they usually are thinking about the energy that it will be giving them to get through the morning or mid afternoon when drinking that hot cup of coffee. Most do not think about the possible health benefits it may give them. In the past, caffeine has had a bad rap. It was said that it can cause an increase in blood pressure, and also increase your likelihood of getting cancer as well. There have been recent studies however that declared those negative effects of caffeine, and have found that it does the opposite in the case of cancer. In fact, caffeine has been linked in actually fighting cancer, and even Parkinson’s and diabetes as well. In Parkinson’s, studies have shown that caffeine reduces the risk by 80%. Caffeine also has been shown to prevent cancer among those who drink coffee up to 5 or 6 cups a day. Sounds like a lot of liquid, if you do not want a trip to the bathroom every hour, you can always use caffeine powder, or caffeine supplement tablet. No matter your method, the benefits are there.

So, drink your coffee with the new feeling of health! It has its benefits. Another way you can get the same caffeine caffeine is by using caffeine powders. You not only save money by using caffeine powder, but also it is not limited to a drink. You can apply it to food, and other beverages as well! One person thought of making brownies with caffeine in powder in it. There are even been tests of caffeine applied on the skin, and if exposed to ultraviolet radiation, appears to shrink cancer tumors in over 70 percent of patients. It was also shown to have shrunk 40 percent of non-cancerous tumors as well.

When drinking coffee, studies have shown that if you drink three to five cups of coffee a day, the tumor will show signs of shrinkage. The caffeine’s ability to shrink the tumor comes from the blocking of the protein ATR. This protein has is part of the growth process in cells, and is needed in the main principles of DNA cells. Its other use is its ability to replicate. Caffeine blocks those properties. So, when you are enjoying your cup of coffee, remember, you may be fighting off cancer as well!

Even thought five cups of coffee per day seems like a lot, there are other ways to get your caffeine substitute, by using caffeine powder. The use of powders can give you freedom of being able to get the caffeine needed in other ways by adding to food, or other drinks. Taking the powder form can also give you a faster energy increase, with less needed. You will not have to drink so many cups of coffee, plus you can add it to whatever ever you want! There are risks in taking too much caffeine, including increased heart rate, insomnia, addiction, and an increase in cholesterol from sweetened or unfiltered coffee. Children or pregnant women should not use caffeine, and also patients with heart issues should not take it as well. Caffeine not only gives us energy, but does have the health benefits to fight cancer as well. The use of caffeine can be positive, although must be used carefully and moderately.

Source by Lane Nielson