Caralluma Fimbriata Vs Hoodia – Which Cactus is Better For Weight Loss?

Caralluma fimbriata (CF) / slimaluma and Hoodia are both succulent plants in the Cactus family. The effects and popularity of Hoodia are well documented but the latest sensation in the diet world, CF, is just starting to stretch its legs in America. Some dieters are actually starting to prefer the weight loss properties found in CF over the appetite suppressing properties in hoodia. But do not throw all of your hoodia out just yet. CF may not be what many are making it up to be.

Caralluma fimbriata and hoodia gordonii have many similarities. Both are said to suppress the appetite, increase energy, and promote weight loss. One of the more predominant differences is that the latter is said to contain a property that blocks the activity of various enzymes which then blocks the formation of fat cells. In theory, it forces the body to burn fat reserves. Obviously, this is a huge advantage over hoodia however, the actual fat burning properties have yet to be independently studied and researched.

Double blind studies have been performed on caralluma fimbriata and the weight loss effects are evident. However, there is still a lack of independent studies that prove it can help you drop unwanted boxes. There are many diet supplements emerging in the market that contain this ingredient. Some, such as Dex-C20, and a few others seem very promising however, hoodia based products are still the popular choice for dietary supplements in America because of its proven track record.

Many are just getting their arms around the idea of ​​hoodia, let alone appetite suppression but as technology advances, you can bet on seeing more discoveries around the world that will be used to promote weight loss.

Source by Ernesto Martinez