Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

For many years carb cycling has been successfully used by fitness trainers and athletes. The great thing about using carb cycling for weight loss today is that yes you need to be disciplined about what you eat. But it is the kind where you can still eat great tasting food to ensure that you get lots of nutrition and so ensuring that your body's energy levels remain high.

What you will also find through using a carb cycling diet over the other types available today is that not only do you lose weight a lot more quickly. But you will also find that the weight you do lose will stay off afterwards.

With a carb cycling diet you will carry out the territory over a six day period and this is what will be repeated week after week until your target weight is hit. You will be required initially to eat carbs that are fibrous for the first three days. Then after this you eliminate such foods containing these types of carbs from your diet and replace them with those that are rich in starch for the next three days.

Although carbohydrates play an important part in this type of diet you do not just eat foods that contain these. Every meal that you have of which you should be consuming five to six small ones each day must contain good amounts of protein in them as well. Plus you must also make sure that you consume lots of water as well.

Rather than the many carbs you eat it is important that you make sure you are eating the right kinds when exercising in order to lose weight in the right way. On those days that you should be exercising then it is important that you eat the more fibrous carb foods rather than those which contain large amounts of starch in them.

On the days when you are consuming fibrous carb foods this is the time to do more strenuous forms of exercise like running long distances, jogging, playing tennis or cycling. Whereas on those days when you will be eating starch carbs the level of exercise should be much less. In fact anaerobic exercises would be perfect for these days as they only need to be carried out for just 12 minutes every day. Yet along with boosting your metabolism this form of exercise can strengthen your heart and lungs.

Source by Samantha Adams