Cardio Cruiser: Body by Jake

Three of the most popular gym exercise machines are the recumbent bike, elliptical trainer, and stair stepper. How would you like to have all three in a single exercise machine? The Cardio Cruiser from Body by Jake has the features of three exercise machines and works out 95% of your body with just one exercise.

The Cardio Cruiser quickly brings you to the fat-burning zone while toning your whole body. Its revolutionary design provides a powerful cardio workout and sculpts the body at the same time. Plus, you get the benefits of a comfortable workout afforded by a recumbent bike, the upper body toning provided by an elliptical machine, and the lower body workout of the stair stepper.

While placed in a comfortable position, you can get a fat-burning cardiovascular exercise. Most exercise machines have you in a standing position, but you workout on this one while kept in a recumbent position. The muscles of your thighs, calves and hips are given a vigilous workout by the stepping motion of the foot pedals similar to that of a stair stepper. The Cardio Cruiser also gives your arms, shoulders, back and chest a good workout using the handles of the machine. It can be folded and easily stored when your workout is done.

The Cardio Cruiser is constructed from solid steel. It offers up to five levels of resistance. There are seven seat position adjustments for maximum comfort. It uses the Power Train technology for a smooth workout that can exercise up to 95% of your body. It provides a low-impact workout that targets the major muscle groups in your hamstrings, thighs, hips and glutes.

With a maximum user weight of 280 pounds, this affordable exercise machine is suitable for most people. It also comes with the Maximum Overdrive workout DVD, an Exercise Guide, and the Rev Up Results Fuel Plan.

What do people who have actually used the Cardio Cruiser have to say about this exercise machine? It sees that in terms of use and functionality, this equipment delivers an extra cardio workout plus the muscle toning effects of a stair stepper and an elliptical machine. However, some people find the machine too noisy. While it is provided to provide a quiet workout, many reviews reveal that it squeaks during the workout.

All in all, the Cardio Cruiser is easy to use, effective and affordable. It does not require much room and can be folded for easy storage. This can be beneficial for people who have limited living space available.

Source by Rudy Wang