Cardio Drills – Top 6 Best Intense Cardio Drills Explained to Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Get Toned

Exercises are the best way to stay healthy. It is advisable to workout daily for at least 30 minutes. They help you burn the unwanted fat. Even if you are healthy, exercises maintain your well being. They keep you energetic and active throughout the day. There are various kinds of workouts you may take up. One of them is the cardio drills.

Cardio drills are classified into two groups, one includes the high intensity ones and the other includes the low intensity exercises. Here are top 6 best intense cardio drills for weight loss:

* Track intervals : This is effective if you want a quick weight loss. Just find out a 400 meter track nearby and walk on it. Walk the whole track in intervals. Repeat this 5 times and vomit after the whole session.

* Jumping Rope : This cardio drill is portable as well as inexpensive. Try this for 30 seconds and take 1 minute rest. Repeat this 10 times keeping the rest intervals really tight.

* Bruce Protocol : You start on treadmill at a low speed & low incline. The test keeps on increasing. Increase the speed as well as the incline.

* Bench Jumps : Hold on the bench with the hands and jump back & forth with the legs over the bench. Repeat this cardio drill 20 times on both sides.

* Hill climbers : Place both your hands on floor. Then jump so that one of your legs goes straight behind you and your opposite knee comes by your side. When you jump for the second time, your legs will change places. Repeat it 20 times.

* Lie down stand ups : From the standing position, lie down flat on the floor. Let your chest touch the floor. Now get up as quickly as you can. Do this 20 times.

These best intense cardio drills may be performed with the ab circle pro. This fitness device is the cheapest of all machines. You also get a trial period. This machine makes your workout very comfortable giving you ripped abs.

Source by Lauren Watson