Cardio Exercise – How to Choose the Best Exercise – Most Powerful HIIT Workout

During the first day of every year, millions of people take their New Year resolution as losing their weight to a certain level. But after few months very few will reach their goal, others won’t. Obviously, they forget the resolution after one month or they will not work it out effectively. One of the biggest reasons for failure is very simple; lack of persistence. Let’s see, how to do the cardio workout in a simple and efficient way.


Every day, many people in this world, after they reach their gym, used to run in a tread mill and walk slowly for a 30 minutes or even 1 hour continuously. Initially they may reduce their weight, but they can’t reach the goal because they don’t know about the cardio workouts. Some people may suggest that, do the cardio workout longer and harder. But it never gives the best results, as you expected. By doing like this, we won’t burn any fat in our body.


One of the best ways of burning our fat is to do the cardio workout in interval session i.e. alternate the intensity of our exercise between simple and hard for certain period of time/interval. Tread mill/stationary bike is very easy to switch between simple and hard exercises during interval sessions effectively.


Other way is doing the high intensity resistance weight training for burning the fat. Many people think that, if they workout the exercise harder, they can get bigger muscles. Really, it is very tough to build big muscles. Hence to achieve this, they used to do the exercises in a non effective manner and at the end there will not be any reduction of fat in the body. On a consistent basis, burning of fat should take place by doing the cardio workout regularly.


To do the exercises more effectively follow the steps described below:

Choose an Activity:

Among the many cardio exercises such as walking, running, jumping, swimming etc., chooses the exercise which is more effective and also makes you more enjoyable.

Gradually Increase Pace:

Start the intensity of the exercise at the low pace, and then gradually increase the level to maximum pace. At the same time, try to increase the duration of the exercise i.e., try to walk for 32 minutes from 30 minutes or try to swim for a few more laps.

Warm Up:

During cardio workout, warm up is a very important activity after the workout session. It will ensure that our injuries or other problems such as stress, heart, and stroke are kept away from us.

Activity Days:

In the beginning, do the exercise session at least 3 or 4 days per week. Take rest between each of the workout session days, it will make you mind more active.

Source by Hanitan G