Cardio Exercises – Combining Steady State, Interval and Bodyweight Cardio For Maximum Results

All this talk about how cardio is bad is really getting to me. Some people say that cardio is really bad for you as it breaks down lean muscle mass. Others say that is completely untrue. Sometimes I just do not know who to believe.

I do know one thing: steady state cardio does have some advantages. It helps you improve your overall endurance, and trains you heart to handle more tougher exercise. In other words, if I want to improve my performance with high intensity circuit training, I would do some steady state cardio.

Now that I've started once again training with my workout buddies, that is becoming an issue. My stamina just is not the way it was last summer. I need to build myself back up. However …. cardio is so boring.

My new approach is to incorporate some for of steady state cardio into the mix, but also use bodyweight training and interval cardio to burn fat and train my heart to handle high intensity circuit training.

Here's more or less what I'll be doing:

  • 1, 20 minute Interval Training sessions per week
  • 1, 20 minute Bodyweight Circuits per week
  • 2, 20 minute Steady State cardio sessions per week

I'll also be training with my buddies about 2-3 days per week. We usually do either high intensity circuit workouts with weights and kettlebells, or a lower intensity strength routine. It depends on what we need to work on.

To set up your fitness plan for the summer, make sure you have the right combination of high intensity and low intensity workouts.

Source by Parth Shah