Cardio Workout For Abs – Best Workout to Burn Fat and Get Abs

You may have heard that a cardio workout for abs is the best way to get six pack abs. This is absolutely true. Cardio workouts will lower your body fat and allow your abs to be displayed. Workouts isolating the abdominal region will simply strengthen the abs that are hiding behind a layer of fat.

With such a large scope of cardio workouts, it can be difficult to determine which exercises are better than others for burning fat. However, there is one type of workout that has been becoming more and more popular among fitness professionals and workout gurus. This cardio routine is referred to as high intensity interval training, or HIIT. Recent studies have proven that this form of exercise produces many more benefits than a traditional lower-intensity workout.

There are some major benefits to using a high intensity interval program as a cardio workout for abs. Such a workout will:

* Increase metabolism. This allows your body to process food and nutrients faster and more effectively. This also leads to a greater amount of calories burned through the day.

* Burn fat more effectively. A high intensity workout with the duration of 15 to 30 minutes will keep your burning fat all day. In contrast, hours spent on the treadmill will bring your body into a catabolic state, burning off muscle in order to use for energy.

* Greatly increase your stamina. HIIT exercises have been shown to increase VO2 levels. This is the amount of oxygen you are able to take in during a workout.

Source by Alexander Anthony Clarke