Cardio Workouts – What Does the Best Cardio Workout Routine Look Like?

Nearly all doctors and personal trainers claim that one of the best things to do to lose weight is regular good ol 'cardio. Of course we know that cardio workouts are good for burning calories and essential for the healthy functioning of your heart and the pumping of the blood. But did you know that there are actually two types of options that you can choose from. There are low-intensity cardio workouts and the high-intensity variety.

High-Intensity Cardio Workout

When the primary goal is fat loss, the high-intensity version is ideal. What is high-intensity you ask? A simple example would be running at full speed till you run out of steam, stopping to catch your breath and then running flat out again. This exercise elevates your heart rate because it needs to pump out more blood to supply it to the rest of the body. When your heart rate reaches a certain level it is said to be in the 'fat burning zone'. This means that if your primary aim is fat loss you should try to maintain your heartrate in this range through your workout.

Another reason the higher intensity workouts are ideal is because they raise your metabolism and keep it at a higher level for a couple of hours after the workout. Other examples of high-intensity cardio workout routines would be jumping rope and using the exercise bike. The shorter distances or shorter time periods while working out with maximum intensity is ideal. However, the common issue about high intensity workouts is that sometimes, the higher the intensity, the more carbohydrates (energy) burned instead of fats.

Low-Intensity Cardio Workout

Most people prefer low-intensity cardio workouts for weight loss. Why? The main reason is that during the exercise more calories are burned in comparison to the lower intensity. Also, these workouts are gentler on the joints and the overall body. According to experts, low intensity cardio workouts routines also allow an individual to monitor his or her heart rate accordingly. Examples of low intensity workouts are walking and using a elliptical machine. These exercises do not require longer periods of time and are low-impact so they dont stress your joints but you still burn calories.

What About Using A Combination?

Yes, it is very possible. In fact, those who want to lose weight the faster way maximize the two approaches. One can include both low intensity and high intensity in a single routine. For example, starting off, one can first do some stretching to warm up before the actual exercise. Then, he or she can start walking. Then, it is now time for doing intervals. After that low intensity procedure of walking, one can shift to high intensity walking such as brisk walking. Then, after walking, one can get into jogging for the high intensity interval. Then he or she gets back to low intensity, and the cycle continues as he or she cools down with another round of low intensity exercises.

Whatever the approach to be used, one is assured that doing some cardio is very effective in losing weight. They do not only burn calories but they also improve your health. High and low intensity workouts have their own benefits, and combining the two will supercharge your weight loss.

Source by Mike Singh