Change Your Way of Interval Training Today

When I was searching in online for an interval timer I noticed that in my country the Netherlands, these workout gadgets are quite hard to find in sportstores. And even if you can find it, they're fairly more expensive in here than the USA.

So I took a shot and I ordered it at the website and let it shipped to the Netherlands and I'm glad that finally last week it arrived in my mailbox.

It's pretty nice that I do not have to count anymore the intervals myself, or watch the clock with my 15 minutes off ab exercises or my high intensity interval training sprints. And is very easy to configure.

The Gymboss interval timer is quite simple and only has a few functions, but more than that you do not actually need after all:

  • You can configure one or two interval periods, and have the ability to repeat that for a maximum of 99 times (for example you can do 10 × 1 minutes, 8 × 20 seconds followed by 8 × 10 seconds)
  • It also has a regular stopwatch function
  • And for the alarm of the interval you can configure a high beep, a low beep, a short vibration or a combination of them. Although I have to admit the high beep is the most comfortable sound.
  • You can set the alarm for one, five, or 10 seconds
  • Measurements are not too big so it's easy to bring along doing your workout.
  • It's water and shock proof
  • It only needs one small triple A-battery

This combination of sounds mixed with vibrations is fairly pleasant for all kinds of training, from high intensity interval training until stretching. For example with stretching you can configure it relatively easy to set it on 15 seconds of stretching follow-up by five seconds to change to the next posture.

This makes it much more relaxed and focused on the actual workout instead of concentrating on counting it yourself which would always result in counterproductive relaxation during the stretch.So for 19.95 including shipping costs you can order it on gym which I highly recommend!

This high quality Gymboss interval timer will definitely make you able to plan your training in a much better way and also make you train more accurately.

In other words bringing the gym boss for your workout is going to ensure that you will have optimum training in the gym, home, on the road or on the field or any other place that you can imagine.

It's perfect to use for crossfit, jogging, sprinting, strength and conditioning training and also for martial arts training which you can see a good example of on my homepage doing a thaipad workout session.three minutes followed up by one minute rest.

Source by Ferry Yusuf