Description Of Interval Training

Interval training can be described as an educational process that starts on a high level, backed up by a lower level for a particular period and is usually done repetely.

Dash Intervals

The higher leveled processes are called the sprint intervals and are estimated by either distance or time. They can take about 17 seconds for example HIIT or up to 22 minutes for training which are aerobic.

Good example of dash interviews is using only 25 seconds to complete a race in full pace on the full length of field, another is a cyclist training indoors and taking up to 17 minutes to get prepared before climbing a bike.

Recovery intervals

These are called periods of during which the athlete recovers. In these days athletes continue exercising, but they do it at a slower pace, this allows their bodies get over the fatigue it incurred during the dash interval. The level of your fitness and the type of dash interval are factors that will decide the length of these rest intervals.

The interviews are necessary, as the training keeps your dashes at the best level. The neglect of rest during interval training draws your exercise back to an aerobic method of movement.


Sprint interval tension can be defined as the level at which one's self is involved during the sprint. These levels are usually rated on a 1 to 10 scale to make it very easy. One has to put in his highest effort to get a 10 rating and an effortless sprint goes with a 1 rating.

The rating is entirely personal depending on your own level of readiness and the type of interval training involved.

A good example can be a seasoned athlete working to better his speed work, his sprint may take 17 seconds and his highest rating may have gotten from a tiring sprint with him moving at his fastest pace.

There are many ways you can do interval training, so research it, and figure out which style of interval training you would like to do. Make sure to switch it up once in a while, maybe pick a few different styles interval workouts and alternate them so that your body does not get used to the workout.

There is another style that you can try called "HIIT" (High Intensity Interval Training). This is for people who's fitness is at a higher level. It involves longer bursts of energy and shorter periods, it is a very affective way to get your body looking good.

Source by Jackson Frye