Do High Intensity Cardio to Lose Weight Fast

High intensity cardio, also called HIIT cardio, is one of the most effective cardiovascular methods to lose weight fast. HIIT cardio alternates short periods of high intensity work with short periods of rest and light work. It's alternating periods of hard exercise with periods of light exercise. The purpose is to maintain a high work rate while keeping your body working hard and very intensely. The heart rate remains elevated. The short rest periods between work sessions allow for the recovery of the ATP-CP anaerobic energy system.

An example of a high intensity cardio workout can be done with fast running or sprinting. Keep the work to rest ratio as 1: 1. This means that you will be resting the same amount of time as exercising. So let's say you choose sprinting as the modality for a HIIT workout. You'll set a time limit of 1 minute for the sprints. The workout will look like this,

sprint for 1 minute, then rest 1 minute by walking or lightly jogging

sprint for 1 minute, then rest 1 minute by walking or lightly jogging

The above comes out to 2 total circuits of the HIIT cardio session. Repeat the circuit 4 more times until a total of 6 circuits are completed. So essentially, you're alternating running with walking using the same time interval. You're able to run faster and keep a higher work rate per session with this approach. This also elevates metabolism for up to 48 hours after a workout, allowing you to lose weight fast. This workout may burn less than the traditional LSD, long slow distance cardio lasting 45 minutes to an hour but the benefits of greater metabolic activity results in more fat loss. You can also do the above workout with body weight exercises and other cardiovascular activities.

HIIT workouts and high intensity cardio sessions are a fast way to improve condition and physical fitness for more fat loss. Try a high intensity cardio today and you will not be wondering how to lose weight fast anymore. Think fast, slow, fast, slow with HIIT. You will not regret it.

Source by Zhi Q Huang