Don’t Break Your Elliptical Machine! – Tips On Elliptical Care And Maintenance For The Extra Large

I know this is a sensitive issue. I don’t mean to point fingers or call anybody names. The fact is, that many people use elliptical trainers because they want to lose weight. And unlike treadmills, which are tough and durable, your elliptical machine may not be able to bear the weight if you are an individual who is classified as “obese.”

If you are over about 250 pounds, you have to take special care with your elliptical. If possible, you should take into consideration that you need a tough machine when you are shopping for an elliptical. Elliptical machines are naturally not as durable as treadmills and other fitness equipment.

Check Out The Weight Limits When You Buy

Here’s a simple tip on buying ellipticals. If you see a model that is less than $500 and says that it has no weight limit, they are lying. One of the reasons why cheap machines are cheap is that they can’t carry as much of a load.

Unfortunately, companies often overestimate how much weight their machines can carry. This is especially the case with low end models. With a cheap elliptical, even someone who weighs 150 pounds may put a strain on it. Don’t believe the weight limits!

One way around this is to check the machine out yourself. Get on it and see how it runs. If it can’t hold you, it will start to wobble quickly. After a minute or so, you’ll know if it can hold you or not.

Another way around this is to buy a more expensive model that is especially designed to be durable. This may not be a practical solution if you want to save money on your machine, but a more expensive elliptical will be made to hold more.

This will cost you more, but look for an elliptical that is “commercial class.” These are the ones that are made for gyms and fitness centers. They are strong, and are made to withstand lots of abuse. But, they’ll cost you more.

Elliptical Machine Maintenance

There are two things you can do to make sure your elliptical isn’t going to croak. First, do a routine maintenance check once in a while. Make sure everything is screwed down and bolted, and nothing is loose. If things are rattling loose, you can tighten a few screws here and there and keep the machine from falling apart more.

Another thing to do is to use your ears. If you hear a grinding noise or anything else slightly out of the ordinary, check out your machine. Something is definitely wrong. You can fix most elliptical problems yourself with a screwdriver or two.

Always pay attention to your machine and take note of anything that may be running differently.

The Good News!

Elliptical trainers are great for losing weight with less stress. They offer an easier workout than treadmills, and you can lose the same amount of fat. Some models of ellipticals have BMI and body fat reading features. If your primary goal is shedding a few pounds, this is a great feature to help you keep tabs on your progress.

Almost all elliptical trainers, even the cheapest models, have heart rate monitors as a standard feature. These features are constantly being improved and being offered on less expensive models.

An elliptical machine is a wonderful, easy way to lose weight. Some research suggests it may be a better workout for obese individuals than a treadmill. In any case, with an elliptical machine you will see results quickly.

Source by Mandy Fain