Don’t Workout Hard, Workout Smart – 5 Simple Steps to Losing Weight & Building Lean Muscle With HIIT

Want to learn an effective way of losing weight and shredding pounds in half the time? Want to build lean muscle in the shortest amount of time possible? The secret is called HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. It is a way to train in a very intense matter for a short amount of time, to yield the greatest result possible for the energy you expend. Here’s how I use it for my cardio sessions to keep my body fat percentage very low.

All You Need is 20 Minutes

For my cardio HIIT training, I will typically do a 20 minute run. Now I only need to do this once per week, in combination with my 3 days of weight training (circuit training style), and 2 days of simple walking for 30 minutes. This combined with a mildly lower carbohydrate diet and increased protein intake is what it will take to really lose weight and build lean muscle. Here’s how it works:

Step #1 – Start With a Warm Up

Let’s start on the treadmill, because this is the easiest piece of exercise equipment to start with. For the warm up, you’ll begin at a level 3 and walk for 1 minute. This will give your muscles and ligaments a chance to warm up for the vigorous activity you’re soon to do.

Step #2 – Begin to Increase to Your Base Level

Assuming you’re on the treadmill, you will then want to increase to a level 6. This represents your base level, which you will return to 3 more times. You will want to run for 1 minute at level 6.

Step #3 – Increase Every Minute Up to Level 9, Then Drop

Following a minute run at level 6, you’re then going to increase to level 7 for 1 minute. Continue increasing one level every minute, until you reach level 9. Following level 9. drop back to level 6, and then do 3 more cycles.

Step #4 – At Your Last Cycle, Go to Level 10

On your 4th cycle, you’re going to want to bring to the maximum level on the treadmill, which for most treadmills is at level 10. Following a minute at level 10, you will bring it back down to level 3 and do this for 2 minutes to warm down. This completes a full session with HIIT.

Step # 5 Fire Up Your Metabolism Now

Following this simple and quick HIIT training regimen will really shed those unwanted pounds. Doing HIIT once a week, will fire up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. Since incorporating HIIT into my training regimen, I’ve rapidly shed my unwanted pounds, and have brought my body fat percentage to very low numbers for me. My hope is that if you so desired, that you can do the same. Good luck!

Source by Mia LeCron