Effective Body Building, Cardio-Training Workouts

All body building training and workouts are aimed specifically at toning up the muscles and burning excessive body fat. Some training methods are more effective than others however, when it comes to fat loss.

Fat loss exercises are undertaken through training and workouts such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), medium intensity interval training (MIIT), low intensity interval training (LIIT) and standard cardio exercises. These exercises get the body into the low intensity fat burning zone, so that the fat accumulated in the body is burnt in a measured pattern.

Many expert physical trainers are of the opinion that the traditional and standard cardio workouts lead to normal fat burning zone but best results of fat burning and body building are achieved only through HIIT training and workouts.

In spite of the above advantage, many people prefer the milder cardio workouts due to the ease with which they are performed, compared to HIIT workouts, which are tougher and should be done on a regular basis without interruptions. The following differences between regular cardio workouts and HIIT training highlight the higher effectiveness of HIIT workouts.

  • The slow fat burning zone obtained through traditional cardio exercises is unable to provide the necessary intensity for efficiently managing body weight, fitness, and performance levels, so that weight and fat loss is achieved to the required levels. HIIT furnishes superior results in these specific areas.
  • When the workout remains within the slow fat burning zone, even though most of the energy is received from burning of fat, it is never adequate for optimal fat and weight loss requirements. The burning of fat is much higher with HIIT workouts, since the total amount of energy expended through these workouts is much higher.
  • People normally tend to achieve weight loss through negative energy balance processes but do not realize that the most important factor in body building and fat loss is the total amount of energy expended through the workouts. This higher expenditure of energy is accomplished only through HIIT workouts.
  • One critical point in low fat burning zone training and workouts is that the energy spent during the time of workout is definitely higher but tapers off significantly after the completion of the training. On the other hand, in HIIT workouts, energy levels expended by the body remain quite high during and after the workouts, resulting in measured fat loss, weight loss and muscle toning.
  • The moderate intensity cardio exercises are unable to sustain or bring about prolonged amounts of oxygen consumption after completion of workouts. HIIT ensures that the oxygen consumption remains high during and after workouts on a prolonged basis.

Hence, high intensity interval training and workouts are the most effective for body builders and weight trainers, since it achieves more in a shorter period of time.

Source by Andrew Edwardson