Elliptical Trainers and Calories Burned

Elliptical trainers are one of the best, if not the best, cardio exercise machines available today. These machines are an excellent way to become physically fit because of the many benefits offered, which range from low-impact exercise to whole body conditioning to impressive quantity of calories burned per session. And speaking of calories burned, many have asked about its exact number before purchasing the elliptical machine. This is especially true of individuals seeking to lose weight or to maintain their ideal weight.

Anyways, there is no prerequisite number to that particular question as it will all depend on the duration, intensity and incline of the workout along with the physical condition of the person. For example, you may be using the elliptical for an hour each day but if the intensity is very low, then you will burn just a few calories. If you exercise just 30 minutes a day on moderate intensity coupled with an incline, then you should burn more calories.

If you expect to burn as much calories as possible on the elliptical trainer, you have to exert the effort and pour in the time. Only then will you see the difference in terms of faster weight loss coupled with toned arms and legs. Yes, indeed, the elliptical trainer trains both the upper and lower parts of the body. This is because as your feet move the pedals along its cycle, your arms also move the handlebars in a half-circle, hence, the whole body conditioning.

Going back to the calories burned question, assuming that you put in 30 minutes of moderate intensity on the elliptical machine, your calories burned range from 310 to 500 depending on your weight. For a 120-pound person, it will be at 310 calories. The heavier 150-pound and 180-pound individual will burn 385 calories and 464-500 calories, respectively. Of course, some elliptical trainer manufacturers claim as much as 750 calories burned though that may well apply to a high-intensity interval training workout.

In fact, many have attested to the efficiency of high-intensity interval training using the elliptical machine in the faster burning of calories. This is due to the body continues to burn fat days after the exercise has cease. So, even if you are just watching television, your body is still hard at work melting away your weight, so to speak.

To incorporate interval training with your elliptical workout, you should decrease and increase the tension as well as the incline. You can also alternate 1 minute active rest periods where you revert to normal strides with 2 minutes passive rest where you double your speed. Do this for 20 minutes with 5 minutes of warm-ups and 5 minutes of cool-downs. You may also alternate between forward and backward motions just to rev up your body's response to the exercise.

Another tip to burn more calories is to use your arms in a semi-circular motion. Or you can grab some weights and swing your arms while striding. The ratione behind this action is that the more muscles are worked, the more calories will be burned.

The elliptical trainer can burn calories without burning you out and without exposing you to unnecessary injuries. Look into one today and reap the benefits in the days after.

Source by Mike Singh