Exercise and the South Beach Diet

Although the South Beach Diet is one of the easiest ways to safely lose weight fast, there is a case to be made for adding exercise to your regime to enhance your results.

If you are like me, I hate going to the gym to exercise but studies show that those who sustain weight loss over time are those who exercise regularly. The benefit of exercise is that it helps you feel better, and exercise is shown to prevent heart and other disease to help you live longer.

So how do I incorporate exercise into my weight loss program?

The founder of the South Beach Diet, Dr. Agatston recommends interval and core body training. Studies show that you can burn more calories in 20 minutes of interval walking than by walking continuously for 1 hour.

Agatston claims interval training will speed up metabolism, increase the rate of weight loss and improve your general health. He states that interval training allows dieters to achieve maximum results with a minimum time commitment.

Interval training is simply alternating periods of high intensity exercise with periods of recovery. The easiest forms of interval training can be done at home or outdoors. No need to go to a gym. You can do interval training on a bike or treadmill or during a swim. Dr Agatston’s first choice for interval training is walking as it is available to everyone and no equipment or machines are required.

So instead of walking at a continuous pace for say an hour, you would change things up by alternating short bursts of intense walking for say a minute followed by a recovery period with slower walking after each intense period. Just keep alternating for 20 minutes to start and add time as you become more fit. You can use interval training with all phases of the South Beach Diet to enhance your results.

Also when you do any form of exercise it is strongly recommended that you drink lots of water before during and after to keep your body properly hydrated.

This type of interval training is not only for the very fit, it is also very good for those of us who have never exercised before. If this is you just remember to go at a very easy pace until you feel confident moving forward with more intense sessions. This type of training is used to get cardiac patients back in shape so just about anybody can do this.

For maximum results you should alternate days of cardio and core exercises because if you try to do both on the same day, you may suffer muscle fatigue.

The online version of the South Beach Diet and the books outline more cardio and core specific exercise programs that have proven results if you are interested.

A word of caution: Consult with your doctor before you embark on a new exercise program especially if you have been inactive at all.

Source by Rick Gibb