Fast, Easy Weight Loss

Weight loss can be fast and easy if you are following the right diet properly. For a fast easy weight loss it is essential that you should be motivated enough to comply with the different drastic diet changes that you have to make. The weight loss plans can be fast only when you are following the altered diet plan to a full extent and it is easy only when you are motivated enough to follow the diet schedule. The diet schedule for a fast easy weight loss involves the following aspects.

Change in cooking oils – The cooking oil should be those containing contain unsaturated fats. Such cooking oils are garlic oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and fish oil. Such cooking oils consist of phospholipids, which actually act upon the storages of fat in the body and breaks them to be taken out of the body.

Avoiding food that brings in fat – Avoid food items that add up to the planned fat in the body. Fast foods, snacks, diet pills, soft drinks and hard drinks should be abstained from. Alcohol and soft drinks should be the primary abstaining target because these act as stimulants that create a food craving in the body, especially resulting in the intake of more unnecessary food. For the same reason, it is crucial to abstain from white sugar as well and it should be replaced by cane sugar (commonly known as brown sugar). Most importantly, it is essential to abstain from high cholesterol animal proteins like red meat and egg yolk.

Eat more fruits – The shortcut way to weight loss diet is to go as much vegan as possible. If you can completely switch over to a vegan diet and follow the altered diet for a few weeks or a month or two then you certainly will be able to enjoy noticeable changes in your shape within a short time. All fruits detoxify the body of stimulants like alcohol and diet pills residues and also help in burning the fat. Citrus fruits like lemon, watery fruits like watermelon and especially apples deserve special inclusion in the diet plan. Avoid eating starchy fruits like banana though. The fruit juice is the best way to take fruits.

Source by Jesse Miller