Fasting For Weight Loss

An effective weight loss plan essentially means bringing in important changes in diet pattern. The changes in diet plans essentially should aim to a fast weight loss program because obesity is accumulated in the body solely by the accumulation of excess fat in the body (which enters the body by faulty overeating habits). However, it is important to remember that a fast weight loss program requires a lot of dedication and motivation to sustain hunger. Sustaining the hunger is in fact the main aspect of fasting. Also it is essential that certain behavioral changes should be incorporated with the fast plan. For instance, it is best if you put the spoon / fork down after every helping and chew the food slower than usual.

Fasting should not be followed as a permanent process because there is the risk of losing appetite or denying the body of essential nutrient supply. Fasting should be followed at the most for 5 to 7 days and the stage should be entered into gradually. That means that you should not abruptly start fasting; rather let the body accomodate slowly to the less food it is receiving. The same carefulness should also be observed when slowly getting out of fasting. Water plays a major role in the body during fasting. The key aspects of fasting are detoxifying the body, burning body fat, prevention of deposition of fat and supplying the minimum essential nutrients to the body while fasting. Fasting should be cautiously practices if you have food restriction due to physiological problems like heart problems, blood sugar problems and kidney problems.

The simple process of fast is that you have to rely on fruits and water for your food and have to abstain from food elements that cause the fat-deposition inside the body. Fruits, especially acidic fruits are great detoxifiers and they remove hunger stimulants like alcohol and diet pill residues from the body. Citrus fruits and also pectin containing fruits like apple help by diluting the deposits of body fat in the body. Along with plain water, you can also rely on water containing foods like watermelon and tomato.

If possible, complete the fast time by simple exercises like walking for half an hour every day.

Source by Jesse Miller