Fat Burning Exercise and Diet Tips For Tummy Fat Loss

So many of us are really worried as a result of carrying the very ugly tummy fat that makes us to lose our lean muscles and hard looks thereby making us unattractive to others when dressed up. Some are already getting tired of trying all the weight loss techniques being prescribed here and there. But getting a real result is what matters in all our stomach fat loss routines.

Tummy fat loss can be achieved through proper attention to our diet and the type of exercises we do. Here I am going to show you the very tips you need to lose that stubborn stomach fat.

One of the tips you need to get rid of belly fat revolves round your diet. So many are engaged in very strict diet that makes them to even starve themselves all in a bid to get rid of big tummy caused by excess stomach fat. But the secret here is that when we deny ourselves of those macro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins which our body needs to function effectively, we cause more harm to our health than good. We need to feed ourselves with those nutrients our body needs by making sure we have a balanced diet based on healthy natural foods.

Having a balanced diet does a lot of good in our general well being. Having this in mind we have to be very conscious of all those – low cab, low fat, low mineral, low protein, the list continues. Sure, watching what we eat matters so much but our focus has to be on how to balance our body food requirement. For instance, you don’t deny yourself protein, when you know that your body truly needs it to replenish your worn-out tissues, what substitute do you have for it? Okay let us look at carbohydrate, fat/oil and our daily energy requirement, no wonder some even lack the energy to climb their stair case. I am only advising that you take your very balanced diet while you keep to this very second tummy fat loss tip.

Now that we have seen the importance of eating right. The next secret we need for a flat ab or flat belly is to watch the type of exercises we do. Losing that stubborn abdominal fat while eating right can be achieved when we engage in compound muscle exercises. Some of us spend more of our work out time on spot exercises or stomach exercises and aerobics, it is true that these exercises and systems has their own roles to play in a healthy back and core muscle development but it still has its contrary effects on having a flat ab that lasts. The stomach or spot exercises we do, like leg raising, crunches, torso twisting etc only succeed in reducing our lean muscles, but ones we live those exercises for a while, the whole fat comes back even more than before, so we need to spend less time on these spot exercises and concentrate more on multi-muscle or compound exercises for tummy fat loss.

With compound exercises, a very large muscle group can be worked on at the same time – our chests, back and even legs are worked at the same time and there is an increase in our body metabolic rate from the work out period till about 48 hours later, stimulating our body hormones for fat burning, keeping them at work for the two days – and this means that a good quantity of that stubborn tummy fat is burnt out as a result of the multi-muscle exercise.

For perfect result, there is need for focus and intensity. Relaxing for about 5 or more minutes after a set is not good style, there should only be 45sec. rest after each set. One has to concentrate fully on the workout routine for a surprising result.

You can try some of these compound muscle exercises during your workout routines – squats, leg presses, dead lifts, bench presses, push-ups, dips, step-ups etc while keeping to a balanced diet for that lasting loss of tummy fat, flat and sexy ab we all desire.

Source by Stan Moore