Fat Loss and Interval Training Vs Steady State Exercise

Fat Loss and Interval Training vs Steady State Exercise. With banner ads flashing who did what and how every moment of your time online, it is a wonder you are still sane, sort of. I do not think anyone who compulsively uses the internet is fully sane. Guilty. However, I do also spend a lot of time in the field (literally) of fitness and fat loss, so here is my take on HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) vs steady state exercise.

Fat loss is achieved through burning more calories than you take in, so you must have a calorie deficiency. This does not mean you need to eat less. It means you need to eat more of the right foods, more often and do more heavy exercise to burn up the calories your body does not use in cleaning up after your messy self.

HIIT is great for burning calories, however it can be hard to sustain for long periods. Having said that, HIIT can do absolute wonders, but it should not be your only source of fat burning.

Steady state training is also great at burning calories and can be sustained for a longer time. It also burns more calories because your body runs out of fuel (food power) when you train for a long time (over 30 minutes). So you body has to use alternate fuel (stored body fat) to power you.

This is why you should focus on steady state training, but if you are already a bit more advanced, then feel free to incorporate HIIT into your workouts.

An example would be going for a 30 minute jog, but every 5 minutes sprint for 30 seconds.

Does not sound hard but it kicks butt after a few minutes.

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Source by Johnny Palmer