Here is How to Lose Belly Fat Using the Weight Loss Chart

Is it really possible to lose belly fat by using a weight loss chart?

The answer is 100% yes! Not tracking your current reality on a weekly basis is what ever causes failure when it comes to burning off unwanted body fat. This is why your first step should be to design your own weekly chart using an Excel spreadsheet, a regular spiral notebook, or any other method that will help you to keep track of your weekly fat loss results.

This weekly weight loss chart should have columns with the date, your current total body weight, your current total body fat weight, and your current lean body mass. And every week you must weigh yourself, and do your body fat measurements using a skinfold caliper.

Your main objective when it comes to burning off belly fat is to shrink all the fat cells in your body. This can be accomplished by using aerobics on a daily basis. The best cardiovascular exercise to begin with is brisk walking. This can be done outside or inside on a treadmill.

Start with three sessions per week, 5-10 minutes per session, and work your way up little by little. When you are doing cardio training 7 days per week for 60 minutes per session, you will most likely have to start using another exercise to keep your body from adapting.

As far as nutrition, you should eat four average sized meals, every four walking hours, and the first meal should be consumed as soon as possible after waking up. The amount of calories that you consume on a daily basis must be calculated using a TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) formula.

When creating your meals it is to your advantage to make every meal with fifty percent natural complex carbohydrates, thirty percent lean protein, and twenty percent good dietary fat. This will provide your body with everything it needs to function properly, and you will have plenty of energy to lose belly fat using cardiovascular exercises.

Another important step towards creating a flat stomach is resistance training. Working out with weights helps you maintain your lean muscle mass, and keeps your metabolism elevated during the weight loss phase of your program. This is something that both men and women ignore in their weight loss programs, and it ever leads to loss of muscle and a slow down in the body's calorie burning ability.

To lose belly fat using a weekly weight loss chart, all you have to do is to make sure that your body body fat goes down every week while your lean body lasts the same.

If you use an effective nutrition and exercise strategy, like the one explained above, creating the body of your dreams with a flat stomach will eventually become a reality.

Source by Alex Platups