High Intensity Cardio Workouts

There are different types of cardio exercises, some are low intensity and some are high intensity. Both of these types of exercise will help your body burn fat, but it one type better than the other? Scientists discovered that during low intensity workouts, the body will burn glycogen. Glycogen is carbohydrates that your muscles and liver store and use for energy. So, during these workouts, your body will burn a good amount of fat.

It seems that these exercises don’t work as well as you’d think, since so many people are still overweight. People who do low intensity workouts regularly find that they are still having trouble getting rid of that body fat. Now, the body does burn a greater amount of fat during a low intensity workout. However, a high intensity cardio workout will cause your body to burn more calories, and this includes fat calories.

Another thing is that when your glycogen levels get low, your body will make more of it by converting carbs in your diet into glycogen. This glycogen isn’t converted into fat; it sits there waiting to be used for energy. Remember this when starting a low intensity workout: since a low intensity workout burns glycogen, it may not be as effective against body fat.

A high intensity workout also boosts your metabolism. Even when you’re done with your workout, your body still burns fat and calories for hours after. This does not happen from a low intensity workout. You can see how you end up burning more fat and calories this way.

If you’re not used to a high intensity workout, you can start slowly by adding a little at a time. While walking, add small intervals of jogging. Alternate walking and jogging until you are done. The more cardio you do, the more energy you will end up with. It can really help keep your energy up. Even if you’ve never done any cardio before, try it. It does wonders for energy and your body. Just remember to pace yourself when you’re starting out, because you don’t want to overdo it.

Source by Jayjay Bagiu