High Intensity Interval Training

Are you looking to lose those extra pounds? Have you been walking for hours everyday and not being losing any weight? Have you been cycling around and wondering why the pounds are not flying off. Health class back in high school told you if you exercise that burns calories which causes you to lose weight. That's correct, but it is hard the most efficient way to burn off the extra pounds. The secret is not some miracle diet pill or easy exercise machine. Calorie burning is all about effort executed. The harder you work, the more calories you burn.

This idea is where the exercise program of High-intensity Interval Training came from. By training in sets, or rather bursts, of all out effort with short cool down periods it will ramp your system into overdrive. The intense effort will turn up your bodies calorie consumption not only during the exercise but for quite some time afterword.

Here is how it works. During High Intensity Interval Training, more commonly referred to as HIIT, your body will be taking such a high level of stress from the intense exercise that you actually have to burn oxygen and calories for hours afterword to recover. A regular workout will do this as well, but not to the level that HIIT does. In fact, up to nine times more calories will be burned after high intensity training versus regular.

Are you looking to get ripped? High Intensity training does not just cause you to lose weight, it also helps build muscle. Think about the endurance athletes you have seen. Marathoners, bike racers and those type of athletes are always as thin as can be. This is because the muscle mass they have built up is what is known as slow twitch muscles that are great for long endurance type situations. HIIT builds up fast twitch muscles, the type used by sprinters and other big muscly athletes. I you looking to get ripped and you need to cut some weight, HIIT is for you.

So how does one start a HIIT routine? The best routine will be done on days when you are not lifting weights. You should be going so hard that this will really leave you exhausted and lifting weights on the same day can overdo it. You need to warm up slow beforehand so your body is ready for the strain. Once properly warmed up, the tough part will begin. You need to sprint as hard as you can, all out for 15 to 30 seconds, then jog slowly for 2 minutes then repeat 6-8 times. Cool down afterword properly and that's it. That is all there is too it. Some people can not handle doing HIIT because the intense strain on the body is too much for them. That is perfectly acceptable. You should not be doing HIIT more than 2 or 3 times a week as that will less the benefits of HIIT

So if you are looking to lose those extra pounds in the most efficient and least time consuming way, or get ripped the best thing you can do is HIIT. It is going to be tough I know, but trust me, you will love the results. I can not recommend it strong enough. The secret to getting in shape is never any miracle diet pill or powder, its always hard work.

Source by Jeff Hendrix