High Intensity Interval Training for Sports

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a type of cardiovascular workout that features bouts of high intensity exercises interspersed with the intervals of low intensity recovery efforts. It is intended to improve the overall body performance by targeting muscles and burning fat with intense but short workouts. For instance, a runner shall swap between 15 seconds of hard sprinting to 10 seconds of walking continuously for 9 to 20 minutes.

Sports that Require HIIT:

This kind of training is well suited not only for fat burning but also for team sports. Consider the ball-based sports such as football and hockey wherein the ball is not in play for a long period. Therefore, the players play in short sprints instead of slow and extended sprints. Since HIIT imitates these ways of play, it is the most effective approach to get trained for these sports. HIIT for these sports is better than continuous training, as it leads to increased aerobic power and boosted cardio-respiratory endurance.

Even for multi-sprint sports, HIIT is effective. Apart from that, this kind of training ensures improved performance in more traditional endurance-based sports such as distance swimming or 10km run. In addition to team sports, High Intensity Interval Training is also beneficial to mid-range distance and marathon athletes. If you just ponder upon the nature of these sports, you will come to know that they all share one similarity: Endurance-based! And that is exactly what HIIT makes one achieve – improvement in endurance!

Benefits of HIIT:

The scientific research that justifies the benefits of HIIT has encouraged several professional sports teams as well as athletes to this training regimen. One of the major benefits, which has a huge body of evidence is improved Vo² max that is referred to as the body's ability to carry and utilize oxygen while exercising! This is a vital aspect required to play the aforementioned sports and games. It has been proved that HIIT offers this improvement sooner than a continuous or steady cardio. This simply indicates that enthusiasts who wish for a huge and quick boost in their aerobic capacity must select HIIT when enrolling for a cardiovascular training program. Some more benefits of HIIT as compared to steady-state training are listed below.

• Higher intensity indicating great fat reduction in least time period
• Shorter sessions provide more recovery time
• Reduced injury risk with alternating low and high intensity exercises
• Higher improvements in VO² max
• Lower cortisol production and consequentially least muscle breakdown
• Boosted endurance as well as speed endurance

Factors to Consider for Selecting an HIIT Program:

There exists a variety of HIIT programs that you can choose to practice them on your own. So, in order to select the most suitable one, do consider the following factors:

• Intensity that should be ideally high
• Interval that needs to be shooter per exercise
• Number of interviews depending upon the goal

To understand the last factor, consider a footballer. He or she will usually concentrate on several sprints of medium intensity and short intervals. This is because he or she will hardly sprint at an extreme pace for a long time, and that he or she also will not need a long time for recovering.

Therefore, it is necessary that all sport players must tailor HIIT according to the game's nature for better results!

Source by Conor J Doherty