High Intensity Interval Training – Heart Attack Proof Your Body

Studies have shown that most heart attacks occur either during or shortly after high level exertion such as snow shoveling, sex, or running for a bus, and are especially precalent in middle aged men and women. Typical cardio and aerobics training does very little to prevent heart attacks brought on by high levels of exertion over a short time period.

The heart is a muscle and can be trained like any other muscle in your body. Your muscles have both slow twitch and fast twitch fibers. Slow twitch muscle fibers are used for repetitive, long term endurance activities like walking, jogging, etc. Fast twitch, on the other hand provide you with explosive power like you would use in powerlifting, jumping, or sprinting.

Traditional cardio training overemphasizes the development of slow twitch muscle fibers at the expense of fast twitch fibers. Your body becomes very efficient at long duration, repetitive exercise, and very inefficient at producing short, intestine bursts of power. Your heart becomes trained to the same level, extremely efficient at long term aerobic activities which raise it to a sustained moderate level, but inefficient at short burst, high intensity or anaerobic activity.

This is the reason we see people who exceedingly appear to be in great shape such as marathon runners, drop dead of heart attacks. Everyone is surprised when it happens, but, if you could look inside, you would find a heart that is overtrained in endurance activities at the expense of explosive, short burst efficiency.

They are like a car that takes 17 seconds to get to 30 mph, but, once there, can run forever.

There are many more cardio-efficient workouts out there than jogging or running on a treadmill. One example, the Insanity fitness program used cutting edge scientific studies in exercise physiology to produce the most efficient cardiovascular workout available today.

By using MAX INTERVAL TRAINING, in your workouts, it forces your heart to become efficient at working at a high level of intensity, recovering quickly in a very short period, and spinning back up to maximum again, and again, and again.

This is fast twitch muscle fiber training at its best, producing much higher calorie burn and an efficient heart that can handle the demands of the real world without strain. Additionally, the anaerobic activity produced during the High intensity interval Training workouts will tax your muscles to the point of near failure, producing very fast results!

Take advantage of the latest scientific studies in human and exercise physiology. High intensity interval training such as the Insanity extreme fitness program will train your body to new levels of fitness, get you ripped, and protect your heart.

Source by Rich Binekey