High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT


High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a series of short, intense cardio intervals with short breaks in between each intense exercise. High intensity interval training has become more and more popular with fitness gurus and athletes. Just burn the fat right with this kind of training it is said to burn up to 9 times more fat. Leaving you to lose weight fatter and burn the fat away at a remarkable pace. Not only that it also takes a great role in improving on your performance. Especially when it comes to HIIT training and other physical activities. Plus high intensity interval training will give your metabolism a nice boost This is leaving your body with a nice after burn effect. Meaning that you are not just burning calories during the exercise but also a while after. It is claimed that you will still be burning calories 24 to 48 hours after your workout. That is a lot of burning going on. Just imagine how much more food you can eat.

With HIIT being such intense training you are going to have to push yourself above and beyond your comfort level for several sessions with small breaks. This style training is really a butt kicker and you are going to really have to challenge yourself to get through every session. But, it is well worth it you will cut your workouts down by almost half the time and burn more calories and fat. On top of that you will realize that amazing body with HIIT training in about half the time. Receiving results faster is always a positive thing. But, with it being so intense you really have got to be careful and take extra precautions to make sure you do not over train. Over training is very possible when it comes to adding more to your current workout or being new to fitness and taking on to much at one time. So, with any exercise it is important to pay attention to your body. That is with any type of exercising though.

Benefits of HIIT training:

  • You will burn more calories and fat by working out and giving your metabolism a boost
  • You will increase your performance and endurance
  • Your workout sessions will become shorter
  • Get the same impact if not better than doing any regular cardio training for long periods of time. Studies have shown 4 hours of long rigorous cardio training has less benefit then 1 hour of HIIT.
  • The workout is not as boring as doing straight spurts of cardio. You get to mix it up do different moves and things while having short breaks in between. Instead of non-stop doing the same thing for an hour or longer.
Source by Shannon Cope