High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Exposed

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an amazing way to do cardio, a great way to challenge yourself, and makes you drop pounds of fat quickly. It’s easy to execute, and can be done by running, going on an elliptical, or pretty much any type of cardio machine. High intensity interval training is short and sweet. You do not need to spend 45+ minutes doing it; you pretty much only need between 12-20 minutes to execute.


You first begin the training by warming up for 1~2 minutes.

After you are finished warming up, your first high intensity interval begins. You go at an incredible pace for 15~20 seconds, and then bring the intensity back down to a jogging, or walking pace. During that 15~20 seconds, it’s absolutely essential that you give it your all. You need to reach a really high heart rate to get a greater effect from this cardio.

Now that you are done that 15~20 seconds interval, you go to a “resting pace” for 40~45 seconds. When we say resting pace, we mean that we want you to get your heart rate done a little. We do not want you to stop completely; you must keep going, just not as intensely. If you finish that 45 second “resting pace”, you just finished your first interval! After the 40~45 second rest, you do another gut-wrenching 15~20 second high intensity interval etc.

Now this a very simple workout and does not take into any consideration your fitness level. Remember you will want to repeat these steps numerous times depending on your fitness level.

The biggest benefit of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not just during the workout, but after as well. Your body will struggle to get back to homeostasis after the workout, so it will need more energy to get back to that state, which equates to more fat loss!

Source by David Temke