High Intensity Interval Training Variations

In just 15-30 minutes you can increase your cardio fitness and get rid of stubborn fat-all with High Intensity Interval Training. But there is more than one way to get in a great HIIT workout.

The standard HIIT routine consists of a set interval period that is divided into a sprint section and a rest or recovery section. The intervals are repeated for the duration of the workout-preceded and followed by warm-up and cool-downs, of course!

It is always good to mix up our work outs, to maximize our fitness and minimize boredom. HIIT is no different, so here are some variations you can work in.

The Ladder: With a set recovery period, say of 30 seconds, start with a short sprint, ie 15 seconds, and with each interval (or “rung”) increase the sprint by 5 seconds until you reach the halfway point, such as 45 seconds. Then work your way back down, decreasing the sprint portion of each interval by 5 seconds until you get back to the beginning.

Short Ladder: Make each interval longer, but have fewer rungs on your ladder.

Recovery Ladder: Keep a set sprint period and gradually decrease the recovery period by 10 seconds until you rest only 10 seconds. Then increase the rest period by 10 seconds per interval until you are back to your starting point.

Set Distance: Have your sprint be for a set distance rather than time. This is really good for pool workouts, but can also be applied to running whether it is running a length of the basketball court or a 100 meter dash. The interval still lasts a set period of time, say one minute. During that minute you sprint one length and then rest until the minute is over. Then you go again.

The faster you go, the longer the recovery period, however as you repeat the intervals the rest period will drop as you fatigue and it takes you longer to go the set distance.

Source by Chris Cannon