HIIT Cardio Training – Reap the Benefits of Cardio Workouts in Just 1 Week

In order to reduce our weight, to look handsome and to improve our health, cardio workout is very essential for burning calories and conditioning our heart. By doing the cardio workouts regularly, our body becomes challenging to do any difficult task and our mind also gets engaged to do all the activities easily. Let's see in detail, about the very essential cardio workout.


Typically, there are two ways in practicing cardio workouts. One of them is high intensity exercises and the next one is the low intensity cardio workouts. Both of them have same goal, but varies in their effectiveness.


High intensity cardio exercise will burn the glycogen in our body. Glycogen is the type of carbohydrates, which is the body builder of our body and it is stored in our muscles and liver. A beneficial thing here is that during the scarcity of glycogen in our body, swallowed foods will be stored as glycogen, but not as deadly fat in our body. Only thing to look after is we can not do the exercise for a long time.


Low intensity cardio exercise will burn the body fat to the maximum level. But here, we have to do the exercise for a long time, so some person may get very tired due to lack of practice in the beginning and even raise the thought about the exercise as time consuming one. Now some body raises the question as, "so, what type of cardio exercise should practice"?

ANSWER "We have to do the both the type in an interval manner".

As we do the exercise in an interval training session, we will increase the energy level to the maximum extent.


Interval training means to do the particular exercise for a certain period of time then practice the other exercise in continuous manner and give some period of rest to our body. Then repeat the first exercise again.

Similarly in cardio workout, start doing with low intensity cardio for a certain period of time and then you follow the high intensity cardio for a short time period.


1. In the treadmill, start doing running for around 5 minutes slowly.
2. Then increase the speed of running and run for near 2 to 5 minutes.
3. After this high intensity cardio exercise, slow down the speed of running again for about 5 minutes.
4. Repeat this process toill your cardio workout exercise session is over.

This interval training method, not only burns the body fat during the exercise, but also burns the unwanted calories / fat after the training session, because of the high cardio workout exercise.

Source by Hanitan G