HIIT It To Lose Body Fat


How would you like to lose more body fat while spending less time doing cardiovascular exercise? It is definitely possible. High Intensity Interval Training or better known as HIIT is the new cardiovascular phenomenon to hit the world of fitness training. The interesting thing is many fitness enthusiasts know nothing about it.

Do not you remember being told to exercise at a lower intensity or lower heart rate for longer periods of time in order for maximum body fat loss to occur? This is the exact advice a major of cardiovascular training participants follow. But it is the best, most efficient way to a slimmer waistline, and maximum body fat loss. According to research, the answer is no.

HIIT has been shown through studies to burn body fat more efficiently than the common low-intensity exercise training. Studies show the fat burn efficiency can be up to 50% more efficient doing HIIT training.

Cardio HIIT training can be defined as low to moderate intervals alternated with high intensity intervals. Rather than training at the same intensity through, cardiovascular intensity changes from low, medium, and high sporadically through the entire bout of exercise. High Intensity Interval Training has shown the results of increased anaerobic, as well as aerobic endurance. It can be performed with little or no equipment, and yields much greater fat reduction for invested time.

You might ask, if HIIT is so effective, why is not every fitness buff training in this manner? There are three simple reasons that they are not. They do not know about it, have medical limitation preventing them from doing so, or perceive it as too challenging. Another words, it is much too difficult reading the newspaper while doing it. High Intensity Interval Training can be done in less than 20 minutes, and has been shown to accelerate the fat burning process for up to 24 hours.

So how do you do it? Start out with a warm up using any type of cardiovascular exercise including but not limited to a treadmill, elliptical trainer, running outside, or even biking. Increase the exercise intensity by doing a high intensity interval for a minimum of five times starting at 30 second interval times, and progressing to longer times as your cardiovascular program matures. Perform each interval starting at 30 seconds in duration striving to reach 90% of your maximum heart rate, then slow down to moderate or low intensity for a few minutes before you, once again, do a high intensity interval. Your heart rate should be around 50% -60% of your maximum heart rate during the low or moderate intensity segment, and progress upwards to 90% during your HIIT interval. The goal of HITT training is to be as progressive as possible. Perhaps the next workout interval can be extended by 10 seconds, or the rest time between intervals can be reduced. In order to perform HIIT properly, you must be willing to take a progressive approach to high intensity cardiovascular training. It is also recommended to clear this type of training protocol with your doctor. HIIT’s purpose is to work at a much higher heart rate, or exercise intensity compared to the conventional cardiovascular training.

If you are one who likes to lose body fat, then HIIT training is a must in your overall fitness program. Just stay consistent, doing it twice each week, and your fitness level will vastly improve while you continue to lose body fat. It is time to HIT the fat burning pavement.

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