HIIT Routines – How I Discovered These Are the Most Effective Way to Lose Bodyfat

I began running long distances a few years ago.

I would run about 80-100 kms per week.

My weight dropped but as I became fitter at running these distances, my weight loss began to plateau.

So I had to run further to lose more weight.

Each outing took almost 2 hours, every two days!

It became so impractical for me to lose weight.

I decide I had to try something else.

Hiit Routines.

I read about interval training and decided to try this out.

Hiit stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

You can burn the most calories by doing high intensity exercises over a long time.

But of course you can not physically do this, your body just wont allow it.

It's equivalent of saying sprint as fast as you can for the next 60 minutes.

BOOM! that's your body engine just imploding on just thinking this is possible.

However we can cleverly get close to this by alternating sprinting and walking.

Example of Hiit I used for running on a treadmill;

  • Warm up for 5 minutes up to 6 km / hr
  • Run 1 minute at 10 km / hr then walk 1 minute at 6 km / hr
  • Run 1 min. at 15 km / hr then walk 1 min. at 6 km / hr
  • Run 1 min. at 20km / hr then walk 1 min. at 6 km / hr … repeat 4 times
  • Run 1 min. at 15 km / hr then walk 1 min. at 6 km / hr
  • Run 1 min. at 10 km / hr then walk 1 min. at 6 km / hr
  • Then Walk for the next 20 minutes to help further calorie burning.

I do this 2 times per week and I really feel the effects.

It has been shown that doing interviews raises your resting metabolic rate (RMR) which means after finishing the exercise you continue to burn fat.

My bodyfat measured 10% before I started interval training. After doing it for 3 months my body fat has now lowered to 8.5%.

A typical 30 minute exercise done as a Hiit routine would burn 332 calories as compared to low intensity which burns 220 calories.

I found I could adapt the hiit routine with any other type of exercise and so could you.

You could do this with your favorite weights, cardio equipment, skipping, push ups or even just your bodyweight … the possibilities are endless.

I would highly recommend to anyone to incorporate Hiit Routines into your program.

It is the best method to burn lots of calories than any other exercise.

Source by Raymond Ho