HIIT the Pool for Your Six Pack Abs

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a perfect pool exercise for several reasons. First, because you are working out in the pool, your chances for an impact injury are lessened. You will not be putting the type of strain on your joints as running would. Secondly, you will have a greater opportunity for six pack abs-specific pool exercises while working at high intensity, which is like getting two workouts in one.

How to HIIT the Pool

You will be starting your hit routine with a light warm-up consisting of 4 laps at a slow pace and pool stretches.

Stretch Moves:

In the pool, do a series of windmills with your arms-go slowly and stretch your shoulders as well as your arms. Go to the side of the pool and face out from the wall. Place your elbows up on the pool deck and stretch your upper back. Turn so you are facing the pool and stand on your toes. Flex your toes several times to warm up your lower legs. Your total warm up time should be about 10 minutes.


Go to one end of the pool-you will be swimming end-to end, not crossways, so make sure that you have a clear lane to follow. Starting from the side of the wall, swim as hard and as fast as you can to the other end. The best stroke for this is the crawl. Count to 60, then swim back the way you came as hard as you can. Repeat this pattern 5 times. If you can’t do all five, it’s okay-work your way up to it. The main point is to give 100% effort each time you do a lap. After you have completed 5 HIIT swims, rest for about 5 minutes (or until your breathing and heart rate return to normal).

Six Pack Abs Training Routine

Six Pack Abs Pool Kip Ups

In the pool, face outwards (toward the water), and place your arms up on the deck of the pool. You should feel a pretty good stretch in your arms. Bracing yourself on your arms, bring your feet together and raise your legs up. You should look like an underwater “L”, with your trunk straight and your legs out and together. Lower your legs back to start position and repeat 2 sets of 20 for your six pack abs workout.

Six Pack Abs Pool Crunches

Get a pool noodle and wrap it around you with the main part of the noodle behind your back and your arms resting along the two ends. Float out to the deeper water. Bend your knees, tighten your abs, and crunch up, trying to bring your knees to your chest. Do 2 sets of 20 for a good six pack abs workout.

Six Pack Abs Oblique Crunches

Place the pool noodle under your chest and arms with then ends behind you. Float to deep water. As you tighten your abs, bring your knees up fist to your left side, then to your right side. Lower your legs and repeat 2 sets of 20 (each side), for a terrific six pack abs workout.

Source by James Boulay