HIIT Training Fat Loss – How to Lose Fat Through High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT training fat loss routines are cardiovascular-challenging exercises that you do around three times a week to burn fat as efficiently as possible. The premise is that there brief periods of extreme exertion followed by lower-intensity rest periods provide maximum fat loss benefits.

Here are some of the best fat loss exercises for HIIT training.

  • In the gym, elliptical machines and stationary bikes are the best way to conduct interval training , because they allow you to stop and go immediately when you need to. Set your elliptical or bike machine to the maximum resistance you can handle, and maintain the intensity for about a minute, before taking a 1-2 minute rest and starting again.
  • Treadmills on the other hand, are dangerous for interval training because you must wait for the machine to adjust its speed if you need to slow down, and you risk falling off and potentially injuring yourself if you are not careful. Setting a treadmill to higher than 9 miles per hour is especially dangerous and never recommended.
  • Running is effective for HIIT training, but it is also the most potentially damaging cardio you can do , because your legs must constantly absorb the shock of your feet landing on the ground. Running tend to be most painful for older runners and people with joint problems.
  • Stair machines, as long as you are careful not to fall off during the HIIT training fat loss process , are one of the most effective ways to get your heart rate up very quickly. Walking up stairs is more difficult than most people realize, and it's less traumatic for your joints than running.
  • Swimming is one of the least stressful high intensity workouts , plus many people find it enjoyable, which is important because that means they will stick with their HIIT training fat loss routine. The only problem with swimming is that it can be difficult to get and sustain the ideal accelerated heart rate.

Source by Stephanie Rose