HIIT Training – Four Techniques For Getting the Most Out of HIIT

The four secrets you're about to read are what separates success from failure in weight loss. HIIT training is rigorous, no matter what. A large number of people used to try to lose weight and then found that they were not getting the best results. Read on for information about how to lose lots of weight with HIIT training.

The Secret is in the Intensity.

High Intensity for Maximum Weight Loss HIIT training causes rapid weight loss because a process called EPOC is triggered. EPOC is like a magic key that unlocks a fat burning reaction in your body after you've exercised intensely. The amount of EPOC, as well as its duration, is proportional to how intense each of your intervals is. For instance, EPOC will last just a few minutes after aerobic exercise, but it can last an astounding forty hours after proper HIIT training. So give it all you've got during your sprint intervals.

Attention to the Recovery Interval Is the Key to Maximizing Intensity.

Most people wrongly believe that maintaining a brisk pace during rest intervals will accelerate fat loss. This could not be less true. Intervals of rest are crucial so your body can recover before you start sprint again. You can even slow down to a near-stop if it will aid in your recovery; the point of a rest interval is to get you back in gear for the next session.

Intensity Comes From Power – Not Speed!

You probably have no problem pedaling really quickly on a stationary bike with the resistance set at 1. You can blaze through your workout, but here's the problem: EPOC is not happening. To see how these works, crank up the resistance and evaluate the results; it's suddenly a lot tougher when you've got resistance to contend with. This jump-starts rapid weight loss.

Eat Before Exercise.

You've probably been told not to eat before exercise, if weight loss is your goal. Thankfully, this is not true. Research shows that it does not really matter whether you've eaten or not before starting your HIIT training session. What's the point of eating, then? According to studies, when athletes ate prior to exercise, their intervals were more intense. Their capacity for exercise was greatly increased. Pushing really hard mean more EPOC, and then more fat loss over time.

Once again, there's only one secret at work. Fat loss depends directly on how much EPOC that your HIIT training produces. Your EPOC is proportional to the amount of output you can generate during each sprint session.

Source by Greg McKenzie