HIIT Training to Lose Weight

HIIT is short for high intensity interval training, its a form of cardiovascular exercise that is designed to work your body hard for a few minutes, then work it slightly less for a few minutes to give it time to recover ready for the next hard stretch. HIIT training has so many benefits over traditional cardio workouts. For starters and probably the largest benefit is the time it takes for you to complete your workout. A 20 minute session of hard HIIT training can burn off as many calories as a one hour session of slow cardiovascular training.

A lot of weight loss gurus will tell you, to get your body into the fat burning zone. You need to workout at a slow to moderate pace over a longer period of time such as 45 minutes to one hour. There are two disadvantages to this, one most people have not got one hour to spare each day working out and two cardio exercising for one hour can get extremely boring and you will quickly lose motivation and quit.

High intensity interval training is different because its short, works and does not give you the time to get bored. Everyone has gotten 20 minutes to spare each morning, so now you can not use the excuse I just have not got the time to exercise. Because this form of exercise is intense it is wise that you speak to a doctor to see if you are up for it before you begin. If you have not exercised in a while take it easy and build up the intensity at a slow rate to start off with.

I find the best way to HIIT train is on a stationery bike, most modern exercises bikes will have programs already stored in there computers. It's just a matter of picking your level which is usually 1 to 10. Then letting the bikes computer do the rest for the next 20 minutes. HIIT training works and it will have you feeling fitter and slimmer in just a matter of weeks, just remember to take it easy when you first start off.

Source by John Greenbank